Crushing My Goals (Even with Setbacks!) – Q1 2024 Fitness Update

Hey everyone!

I’m excited to share a progress report on my fitness journey for the first quarter 2024. These past three months have been a rollercoaster – along with sticking to my routine, I also battled allergies and even a about of food poisoning! Despite these setbacks, I’m thrilled to announce that I achieved my goal of losing 1 kg per month, strictly as recommended by my doctor.

Sticking with the Plan (Mostly!)

Consistency is key, and while there were days when allergies had me glued to tissues or food poisoning made even the thought of exercise daunting, I managed to maintain a surprisingly consistent routine. Modifying my workouts on bad days (think lighter weights and shorter cardio sessions) helped me stay on track without pushing myself too far.

Celebrating Victories, Big and Small

Reaching my weight loss goal for the quarter feels fantastic, but honestly, I’m just as proud of the days I managed to drag myself out of bed feeling miserable and get some movement in. Those small victories add up, and they’re a testament to the power of commitment.

Looking Ahead to Q2

With a strong foundation in Q1, I’m motivated to keep pushing forward. For the next quarter, I aim to increase my workout intensity while maintaining healthy eating habits slightly. Here’s to continued progress and a healthier, stronger me!

Feeling Inspired?

If you’re on your fitness journey, I encourage you to share your experiences in the comments below! Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned gym rat, there’s always something to learn and celebrate. Let’s motivate each other!

1st Quarter log

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